JMS Mini Heelers

Welcome to JMS Mini Heelers, home of healthy, happy Miniature Australian Cattledogs, also known as Mini Heelers.  Jessie (Giselle) & Jack Sparrow had a litter of 6 on June 29, 2014.   Calypso  & Will Turner are expecting a litter Aug. 20.  Tia will be bred to Jack soon.  Puppies are selling fast!  Reserve yours now with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.  Check back often for updates!

Mini Australian Cattledogs

Jack Sparrow

JMS Giselle (Jessie)

JMS Tia Dalma

Peyten & puppy

Puppies are here!!!

Jack Sparrow & Giselle had 6 beautiful little puppies on June 29, 2014.

Will Turner & Calypso are expecting their 2nd litter about August 20.

This cross has produced some beautiful puppies!

Congratulations to Webster Lembke & family of North Dakota, on the purchase of "Mighty Mouse"!  (Pictured above at 6 weeks.)