Welcome to JMS Mini Heelers, home of healthy, happy

Miniature Heelers.  

**I prefer contact via email or Facebook message, because

it gives me a record of what was discussed.**

If you have called and did not get an answer or a call back,

please call again.  I receive calls every day, and sometimes a

message will be overlooked on the answering machine.  For 

best results, please email miniheelers@sent.com or message

me from my Facebook page JMS Mini Heelers .

**NOTICE** If you have sent me a deposit in the past year and have not yet chosen your puppy, please call or email me ASAP. 

Thank you!!

​There are no puppies available at this time.


Possible future litters:

​Bear in mind that not all litters happen in the time frame I anticipated for them.  Mating two dogs does not always produce puppies.  Timing is everything, and sometimes my timing is off.  Pairs are carefully chosen to result in the best possible puppies that will be free of genetic diseases.

*Scarlet X Jack - mid Sept.  (Blues and reds)

​​​​*Jessie X Shank - early Oct.  (Blues and reds)

​*Kate X Captain - mid Oct. (Blues and possible chocolates)

*Lizzy X Draco - Fall 2017 (Blues and reds)

*Tia X Draco or Ripley - Fall 2017 (All blues)

​*Piper X Bullet - Fall or winter 2017 (Small AKC blues, not Mini's)

​*Tenille X Trooper or Ripley - Fall or winter 2017

​*Tooty X Draco or Ripley - Winter 2017

*Maggie X Captain - Winter 2017 or Spring 2018

​​The smallest puppies will likely come from Lizzy, Tooty, Tenille, & Kate. 

​If you're hoping for a chocolate, those will only be possible with Kate X Captain, Tenille X Trooper, or Tooty X Ripley.  Both parents must carry the chocolate gene in order to produce chocolate puppies.

***Due to problems contacting people who have sent deposits, I am no longer taking deposits on unborn puppies.  When a litter is born, I will take deposits on the number of viable puppies, and those with deposits will choose from that litter at a few weeks old. 

​*Note:  I will only breed my girls two cycles in a row.

***I am excited to announce that JMS Mini Heelers is now in the process of having all of our breeding dogs tested for genetic defects.  My dogs that have had full genetic testing done by Paw Print Genetics are: Jack, Shank, Trooper, Bullet, Jessie, Tia, Pearl, Annie, Lizzy, Bonnie Blue, Scarlet, Tinkerbell, Piper, Captain, Tenille, Tooty, & Kate.  Eventually, we will be able to sell you a puppy for breeding, that will be certified clear of all genetic defects.  At that time, the price of puppies for breeding will go up to $1000, due to costs of testing.   Puppies sold as pets only will remain at the current prices of $650 to $750.  

**I have been receiving requests for stud service from my males.  I do not offer stud service to outside females.  (With the exception of one local friend's dog.)

Pedigree info for your reference:

Will Turner and Tia Dalma are littermates.

Giselle (Jessie) is not related to Jack Sparrow, but she and Jack each share a few common ancestors with Calypso, Tia Dalma, & Will Turner.  Those common ancestors are several generations back in their pedigrees.  Although I do think line breeding with common ancestors 3 generations back can work well, I do not believe in inbreeding. 

Trooper is distantly related to Lizzy & Annamaria (Annie), but these 3 dogs are unrelated to the others.

Bullet is a small AKC registered Australian Cattle Dog.

Scarlet is also a small AKC registered Australian Cattle Dog, and Bullet is her sire.

Bonnie Blue is a half sister to Lizzy, out of an AKC female.

Tinkerbell is sired by Bullet and out of a CKC female that is unrelated to my other dogs.

​Speedy & Tooty are out of Tia X Trooper.

Piper is AKC registered and unrelated to any other dog I own.

​Captain & Tenille are out of Lizzy X Jack.

Pictured below is little Speedy Gonzales and myself.  Speedy was probably the first born from Tia's litter, and being a first time mom, she did not notice that she had had him.  I found him off to the side of the puppy room, still wet, and he was so cold that he was very stiff.  It literally felt like I had taken him out of the refrigerator when I picked him up.  I could not believe he was still alive....but he was probably only a breath or two away from death.  I warmed him under my shirt for about an hour, and he "came to life".  I believe Tia thought he was dead, because she refused to accept him.  (She is an awesome mom to the others!)  Therefore, I have been feeding Speedy since the day he was born.  First, he was too tiny to take a bottle, so I fed him with a cosmetic sponge soaked in formula.  He is now a year old and doing great!  This little guy will never be sold. He has won my heart!

This is how you will find me most nights, reading emails and messages from people like you, who inquire about my dogs.  That's Speedy beside me and Tinkerbell (Stinkerbell) in my lap.

JMS Mini Heelers

Speedy's little sister, Tooty, is one of the smallest Mini Heelers I have had yet, with a mature weight of 17 lbs.  She has a home for life here, too.  I look forward to seeing the beautiful little puppies she will have some day.  She is a sweetheart!