JMS Mini Heelers


              I currently have puppy deposits from:

Jessica F, Minnie M, Kaitlyn A (2), Elizabeth, Mandi C, Shanda S, Liz H, JoLynn E, Brook, Alissa, Paula, Michael, Timm, Amanda, Denise, Aaron, Wayne.


(Out of Jack & Jessie)

JMS Calypso (Callie)

JMS Trooper

(Rare Chocolate Color)

Jack Sparrow



Welcome to JMS Mini Heelers, home of healthy, happy

Miniature Heelers.  

**If you have called and did not get an answer or a call back,

please call again.  I receive calls every day, and sometimes a

message will be overlooked on the answering machine.  For 

best results, please email

Thank you!!

*7 beautifully marked chocolate puppies born 1/4/16, out of Annie & Trooper! - All sold*

(Note: I do not expect to have anymore chocolate puppies in 2016.  There will be more in 2017.)

***7 stocky blue puppies born 1/10/16, out of Tia & Trooper***

See pics on Puppies Available page.  All sold.

***Born 2/21/16 - Jessie (ASDR) X  Bullet (AKC) had 7 beautiful blue puppies - 2 female, 5 male.  Females are sold.  Males available***

***Due 4/12/16 - Callie X Bullet (AKC)  (All blues)***

The two litters above will be large Mini to small Standard in size.  Because I do not know what size to expect, they will be priced at $500.  There could be some small ones; I just don't know.  I will be keeping one or two females from Jessie's litter.  These will be registered with American Stock Dog Registry, not AKC.

Possible 2016 litters:

*Pearl X Trooper in early summer  (All blues)

*Lizzy & Annie will be bred to Jack some time in 2016.

*Scarlet (AKC) will be bred to Trooper in late 2016.  (Reds & blues)

*Bonnie Blue will be bred to Jack in late 2016.  (All blues)

Our puppies sell fast!  Reserve yours now with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.  This deposit will be carried over to another litter, until you have chosen a puppy.

​*Note: After Jessie and Callie have their 2016 litters, they will have a year off from motherhood.

For your reference:

Will Turner and Tia Dalma are littermates.

Black Pearl is out of Calypso (Callie) X Will Turner.

Giselle (Jessie) is not related to Jack Sparrow, but she and Jack each share a few common ancestors with Calypso, Tia Dalma, & Will Turner.  Those common ancestors are several generations back in their pedigrees.  Although I do think line breeding with common ancestors 3 generations back can work well, I do not believe in inbreeding. 

Trooper is distantly related to Lizzy & Annamaria (Annie), but these 3 dogs are unrelated to the others.

Bullet is a small AKC registered Australian Cattle Dog.

Scarlet is also a small AKC registered Australian Cattle Dog, and Bullet is her sire.

Bonnie Blue is a half sister to Lizzy, out of an AKC female.

Tinkerbell is sired by Bullet and out of a CKC female that is unrelated to my other dogs.

Pictured below is little Speedy Gonzales and myself.  Speedy was probably the first born from Tia's litter, and being a first time mom, she did not notice that she had had him.  I found him off to the side of the puppy room, still wet, and he was so cold that he was very stiff.  It literally felt like I had taken him out of the refrigerator when I picked him up.  I could not believe he was still alive....but he was probably only a breath or two away from death.  I warmed him under my shirt for about an hour, and he "came to life".  I believe Tia thought he was dead, because she refused to accept him.  (She is an awesome mom to the others!)  Therefore, I have been feeding Speedy since the day he was born.  First, he was too tiny to take a bottle, so I fed him with a cosmetic sponge soaked in formula.  He is now 6 weeks old and doing great!  This little guy will never be sold. He has won my heart!

Lizzy & Pearl

JMS Giselle (Jessie)

JMS Tia Dalma (Tia)