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This is how you will find me most nights, reading emails and messages from people like you, who inquire about my dogs.  That's Speedy beside me and Tinkerbell (Stinkerbell) in my lap.

As of 4/30/24, we have PUPPIES, PUPPIES, PUPPIES!! 

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Welcome to JMS Mini Heelers, home of healthy, happy

Miniature Heelers/Cattle Dogs and a few AKC Australian Cattle

Dogs in the hill country of north Louisiana.  

**PLEASE NOTE!!  I prefer contact via email or Facebook

message, because it gives me a record of what was discussed.**

**For best results, please email miniheelers@sent.com or

message me from my Facebook page JMS Mini Heeler Puppies.


​​I am no longer taking deposits on unborn puppies.  When a litter is 2 - 4 weeks old, I will take deposits on the number of viable puppies, and those with deposits will choose from that litter at a few weeks old.  Email me at the address above, if you would like to be added to my puppy update email list.

***I am happy to announce that all of my breeding dogs have been tested for genetic diseases by Paw Print Genetics or Embark, and many of my puppies are tested before they leave.  Using these test results and carefully choosing which dogs to mate insures you that your puppy from JMS Mini Heelers will never go blind from PLL or PRA, which are common genetic (inherited) diseases in the Australian Cattle Dog.***  I have had 4 tested by Embark, who reported that they are 100% Australian Cattle Dog.  Those are Shelby (full sister to Smiley), Luke,  Johnny, Hawkeye, and Bug.  

**I have been receiving requests for stud service from my males.  I do not offer stud service to outside females.  (With the exception of one local friend's dog.)

**JMS Bug In A Rug has her own Facebook page!!  Check her out!**

Pedigree info for your reference:

​Captain, Tenille, and Gypsy are out of Lizzy X Jack.

Smiley & Shelby are out of Maggie X Captain.

Mia is out of Tia X Ripley.

Chrissy is out of Jessie X Ripley

Dreamer is out of Piper X Ripley

Jules is out of Cinnamon (Tia X Shank) and Wrangler

Bug & Bindi are out of Jules X Captain

Luke is out of Mia X Wrangler

Dixie is out of Tia X Rhett

Clover is out of Tenille X Rhett

Jazz is AKC standard out of Senorita X Rhett

Pictured below is little Speedy Gonzales.  Speedy was probably the first born from Tia's litter, and being a first time mom, she did not notice that she had had him.  I found him off to the side of the puppy room, still wet, and he was so cold that he was very stiff.  It literally felt like I had taken him out of the refrigerator when I picked him up.  I could not believe he was still alive....but he was probably only a breath or two away from death.  I warmed him under my shirt for about an hour, and he "came to life".  I believe Tia thought he was dead, because she refused to accept him.  (She was an awesome mom to the others!)  Therefore, I bottle fed Speedy since the day he was born.  First, he was too tiny to take a bottle, so I fed him with a cosmetic sponge soaked in formula.   This little guy will never be sold. He has my heart!  Speedy is neutered.  He is one of a kind!