JMS Mini Heelers

Welcome to JMS Mini Heelers, home of healthy, happy Miniature Australian Cattledogs, also known as Mini Heelers.  Calypso & Will Turner had a litter of 8 on August 16, 2014.  The next 3 girls will be bred to Jack .....Tia in Oct., Jessie in Dec., & Pearl in Feb.  (Dates are approximate.)  Puppies are selling fast!  Reserve yours now with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.  Check back often for updates.

Mini Australian Cattledogs

Jack Sparrow

JMS Giselle (Jessie)

JMS Calypso (Callie)


(Out of Jack & Jessie)

Jack Sparrow & Giselle had 6 beautiful puppies on June 29, 2014.

All puppies in Giselle's litter have been sold. 

(This one is staying here.  His name is Marty, and he loves to watch TV.)


Will Turner & Calypso had a litter of 8 on August 16, 2014.

Only one female puppy left in this litter.  More pics on the Puppies Available page.

This is a super sweet, intelligent little girl!   (Pictured below.)

Still available as of 10/29/14 and getting cuter every day!