JMS Mini Heelers

Welcome to JMS Mini Heelers, home of healthy, happy

Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Mini

Heelers.  We have no puppies available at this time. 


Our planned litters for 2015 are as follows:

*Jessie X Jack in July (Small & stocky built blues!)

*Tia X Jonesy in August (Blues & reds)

The following 3 are possible Christmas puppies!

*Lizzy X Jack in Oct. (The smallest yet, reds & blues!)

*Callie X Jonesy or Turner in Oct.  (Mid to large size Mini)

*Pearl X Jack or Jonesy  in Oct. 

***This is just a rough estimate of puppy due dates, assuming that all the girls cycle as expected and everything goes as planned. 

Our puppies sell fast!  Reserve yours now with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.  This deposit will be carried over to another litter, until you have chosen a puppy.

If you wanted to purchase a future breeding pair from me, the possibilities from these litters would be one from Tia X Jonesy, or Pearl X Jonesy, to breed to one from Jessie X Jack

For your reference:

Will Turner and Tia Dalma are littermates.

Black Pearl is out of Calypso (Callie) X Will Turner.

Davy Jones (Jonesy) & Elizabeth Swan (Lizzy) are littermates and are totally unrelated to my other dogs.

Giselle (Jessie) is not related to Jack Sparrow, but she and Jack each share a few common ancestors with Calypso, Tia Dalma, & Will Turner.  Those common ancestors are several generations back in their pedigrees.  Although I do think line breeding with common ancestors 3 generations back can work well, I do not believe in inbreeding. 

Mini Australian Cattle Dogs

Jack Sparrow

JMS Davy Jones (Jonesy)

JMS Calypso (Callie)


(Out of Jack & Jessie)


              I currently have puppy deposits from Jessica, Jeffrey, Lauri, Rika (2), Denora and

Carlette (a repeat customer), & Mindy.

JMS Giselle (Jessie)

JMS Tia Dalma (Tia)

Lizzy & Pearl