JMS ​Ripley  (Reference sire)

Ripley is a beautiful dark blue, stocky built, very correct in conformation, and has a very loving, easy going  personality.   (My husband wanted to name him Cuddles!!)  He is siring some beautiful puppies, and so far, every one of them has had a mask!  Ripley is clear of all genetic diseases.​  He stands about 14.5" tall and weighs 25 lbs.  Ripley is living in his new forever home, but I kept 4 of his daughters.

JMS Johnny B Good

Johnny is short and stocky and always on the move.   He is not aggressive but watches everything that goes on.  He is neither friendly nor stand offish with strangers.  He's just an observer.   Johnny is in his new home, but I still have some of his offspring, including Hassie, Teeter, Hawkeye, & Trapper John.


JMS Smiling Jack (Smiley)

Smiley is out of Maggie X Captain.  He is built like a tank, so stocky and solid!  He is about 14.5" tall and 25+ lbs.  He is his granddad Jack Sparrow made over, but even better!   He earned his name by smiling from ear to ear.   This is a tough boy like his grandsire.  He doesn't mind attacking a lawn mower or weed eater!  Smiley is clear of all genetic diseases and has a natural bob tail.

JMS Trooper

These are our Mini Heeler boys.  They are NOT for sale!

JMS Cap. Jack Sparrow (Jack)

Reference sire

Jack is retired and living a life of luxury in Arkansas now.  His bloodlines are carried on in his son Captain and grandson Smiley.  Standing 12" tall and weighing 25 pounds, he is solid muscle and all boy. 

Jack is truly the captain of this ship!  He is very laid back and easy going and would be a couch potato if I let him.  Jack's puppies tend to be a lot like him...easy going, super intelligent, typical Heeler tough, gritty & protective, but a little head strong as puppies.  His puppies tend to be dominant over other dogs in the household.   Jack has been the foundation sire of my breeding program.

JMS ​Captain Barbosa (Captain)

Captain is the son of Elizabeth Swan & Jack Sparrow.  (Yes, you read that right!  LOL!)  He is a very stocky little guy, just like his dad.  Captain is the perfect blend of his parents.  I could not be happier with the way Captain has turned out!   He has the perfect size, conformation, color, and temperament.   Captain is 13" tall and 18 lbs.  He is siring beautiful, small puppies with his stocky build, including Smiley, Shelby, Bug & Bindi.  ​Captain is now neutered and enjoying life as a bachelor.

HDH Rebel  On A Mission

Rebel is the new boy on the hill.  He is 14" tall, stocky built, and clear of all genetic diseases.  He has settled in well here and has a very happy personality.  I am excited about adding this new pedigree to my line.  I really haven't found a thing I don't like about Rebel.  You can see from these pics that he is a very happy boy!

JMS Top Notch Cowboy  (Shorty)

Measuring just 15" tall, Shorty is registered with both AKC and ASDR.   His parents are Cora & Rhett.  This boy has the coolest personality of all!  He can always make us smile with his antics.  What a clown!   Shorty is a favorite around here.  His show career has been great, earning highest marks from many judges and winning several Best of Breed awards.   He is on his way to earning his Elite Grand Champion title.  

**Males that are not in my breeding program at this time.**

JMS Mini Heelers

*Elite Grand Champion* JMS Cool Hand Luke

Luke stands out with his beautiful blue eye.  What a handsome and "cool" boy he is!    Luke is now a Silver Elite Champion and is now an Elite Grand Champion!. He is very muscular and athletic, easy going, and adapts well to whatever we ask of him.  Luke measures 15.5" tall and is clear of all genetic diseases.  He has also been tested by Embark for DNA breed status, and he is proven to be 100% Australian Cattle Dog.    The future is bright for this cool dude!


JMS Speedy Gonzales (Never bred)

Speedy is my bottle baby out of Tia & Trooper.  I told his story on my "Home" page.   What a character he is!  Speedy is my buddy, loves to go anywhere I go.   Since he is a house dog, I have had him neutered.   He has matured at about 13" and 20 lbs.

​Like his mom Tia, Speedy is super protective and will bite anyone that he perceives to be a threat to our family.



WF Wrangler (Reference sire)

Wrangler visited us for a few months on lease from Amanda Willey.  He's a tough, stocky boy with a lot of personality.  He is the sire of Little Boy Blue and Cool Hand Luke.

JMS Hawkeye

Hawkeye is one of my young studs that has already proven himself by producing some beautiful, small puppies.  He stands about 13" tall and is clear of all genetic diseases.  His parents are Bindi & Johnny.  Hawkeye has a playful personality.  Such a happy boy!  

Trinity C's Rhett Butler

Rhett is a gorgeous red AKC male who is within the Mini size range.  He is a high energy dog with a happy go lucky temperament.   I kept two from his first litter out of Tia.  They're gorgeous!  Rhett is clear of all genetic diseases and is siring both Mini and AKC standard litters.