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JMS Speedy Gonzales

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About JMS Mini Heelers
Bug & Shelby

These half sisters are our co-pilots.

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JMS Bug In A Rug

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We are Jan & Mark Smith, and we have a small family run kennel located on our farm in the hills of North Louisiana.   We raise a few litters of Mini Heelers each year.  Our dogs are simply a smaller version of the Australian Cattle Dog, complete with all the traits we love about their bigger ancestors.  Our adult dogs range in size from 13" to 16" at the shoulder.   Please note that a Mini Heeler is small, but is not a toy breed.  Most of our dogs are very stocky built.  Even our 12" boy Jack Sparrow weighs 25 pounds.   Heelers that are under 17" tall at the shoulder are classified as Mini's.