I have several puppies available in the following litter:

Jazz X Luke - 11/16/22 - 8 males!  ($750)

Jazz and Luke are both ASDR Elite Grand Champions.

They are both tested clear of all genetic diseases.

Jazz is both AKC & ASDR registered, but Luke is only ASDR registered.

Puppies will be ASDR registered and clear of all diseases.

Jazz is 17.5" tall.  Luke is 15.5" tall.  Puppies will be large mini/small standard.

I will be posting photos soon.  

Due to ease of posting, I have been relying on Facebook for advertising.  For whatever warped reason they may have, they no longer allow advertising of puppies.  So now, I find myself in Facebook "jail" and unable to post.  I will be relying more on this web site from now on, so keep checking for updates.  Most of my photos are on my ipad, and I have to update this site on my (older model) computer. 

So it takes time to move photos from one device to the other. 

I'm working on it!

Thank you!



JMS Mini Heelers