JMS Mini Heelers


This is a 16 week old male out of Elite Champion JMS Miley Sunshine and JMS Hawkeye.   ASDR registered and genetic tested.  Up to date on shots.  He is available as a pet, because he has not dropped both testicles.   However, it is still possible that he will drop them later.  $750


Mia's pink collar girl is available.

Mia's blue collar boy is available.


I have several puppies available in the following litters:

Miley X Hawkeye - 8/2/22 - One blue male ($750)

Mia X Smiley - 9/13/22 - One male, 2 females ($1000)

Traveler X Hawkeye - 9/18/22 - 3 females ($1000)

Jules X Skitter - 9/30/22 - One male, 2 females ($1000)

Chrissy X Rebel - 10/30/22 - 3 males ($750)

Jazz X Luke - 11/16/22 - 9 males!  ($750)

I will be posting photos soon.  

Due to ease of posting, I have been relying on Facebook for advertising.  For whatever warped reason they may have, they no longer allow advertising of puppies.  So now, I find myself in Facebook "jail" and unable to post.  I will be relying more on this web site from now on, so keep checking for updates.  Most of my photos are on my ipad, and I have to update this site on my (older model) computer. 

So it takes time to move photos from one device to the other. 

I'm working on it!

Thank you!