JMS Mini Heelers


Rebel is a happy, friendly boy, who has produced some very nice puppies.  He is about 14.5" tall and heavy built.  He has been genetic tested and is clear of all diseases.  He is a little food aggressive.... he's a food hog.  Since I feed with automatic feeders, this is a problem.  He ends up too fat, while the others go hungry.  I know I will regret letting him go, but I have too many males and must rehome a few.  Rebel's price is $1000 with full registration and breeding rights. 


I will occasionally rehome an adult dog.  These are usually retired breeding dogs, and most have been spayed.  Please understand that these dogs have lived their lives in a large fenced yard with other dogs, and they have not been house dogs.  Unless noted, they are friendly and well adjusted, not "wild", but it will take a little while for them to adjust to their new person.  I have received favorable reports that they have adapted very well to life as house dogs.  I will require that anyone who adopts one of these dogs MUST have a fenced yard.  This is not negotiable.   Please email me at for more info.

Adult Dogs Available

Sue is a little female that I bought for breeding, but she is not built heavy enough for my program.   She probably weighs about 17 lbs and will be a year old in January.  She is afraid of people and will need a lot of work to gain her trust.....a project for someone who has patience and time on their hands.  This dog has never been mistreated.  She simply hasn't been handled enough, so she has trust issues.   She is eligible for registration with North American Purebred Registry, but I have not registered her.   She is free to a good home.


Skitter is a young male that I bought for breeding, but he is not exactly what I was looking for.  He is small and throws small puppies.  He is genetic tested and clear of all genetic diseases.   He carries the Chocolate and Cream genes, but most of his puppies have been medium to dark blue.  He is ASDR registered.  This dog was an adult when I bought him, and he came to me unsocialized.  He will need to have time spent with him to gain his trust.  He is free as a pet, or $500 with papers and breeding rights.

Chrissy is a young, intact female, who has produced 3 litters of 11, 10, & 9 puppies.  She is a good mother and easy whelper.  Her parents are JMS Giselle (Jessie) & JMS Ripley.  She stands about 16" tall.  She carries PRA only.  The reason Chrissy is being offered is because I am getting away from the bigger dogs and concentrating more on smaller Mini's.  You can breed her or make her your companion.  *Chrissy is a fighter and cannot be kept with other female dogs.*  She does fine with a male dog.  She doesn't care for men, so she would be better off in a home where a female is her caregiver.    She will be free to a pet home, with a spay contract.  Or if you want to breed her, she will be $500.  She currently has puppies that are 2 weeks old.