JMS Mini Heelers

Chrissy is a 5 yr old spayed female.  Her parents are JMS Giselle (Jessie) & JMS Ripley.  She stands about 16" tall.  She carries PRA only. ***Chrissy is a fighter and cannot be kept with other female dogs.***  She does fine with a male dog.  She doesn't care for men, so she would be better off in a home where a female is her caregiver.   I would not recommend her for a family with young children.  She would be a good watchdog.   A fully fenced yard is required. 

If she doesn't find a new home, she will stay here forever.  She is not in a "rescue" situation by any means.


I will occasionally rehome an adult dog.  These are usually retired breeding dogs, and most have been spayed.  Please understand that these dogs have lived their lives in a large fenced yard with other dogs, and they have not been house dogs.  Unless noted, they are friendly and well adjusted, not "wild", but it will take a little while for them to adjust to their new person.  I have received favorable reports that they have adapted very well to life as house dogs.  I will require that anyone who adopts one of these dogs MUST have a fenced yard.  This is not negotiable.   Please email me at for more info.

Adult Dogs Available

Triple M Itza Rhinestone Cowgirl ("Izzy") - $1000

Here is your opportunity to own a beautiful young adult AKC registered female, who has been handled & shown exclusively by a 9 yr old girl.  Izzy is a very happy, "bouncy", totally non-aggressive girl who, unfortunately for me, is not a Mini.  She is considered "small standard" size at 17" tall.  This is the reason she is being offered for sale.   Izzy is DNA tested clear of all genetic diseases.  However, she does have a slightly imperfect bite that is a close undershot, possibly called a reverse scissors.  This does not affect her in any way, other than in the show ring. 

Her birthday is 7/28/22.

Izzy is not spayed, not house trained, but is well socialized and crate trained.



More adult dogs and older puppies will be added soon, including Demi, Sweetpea, Clover, and a few others.