Hadley Smith  (Callie X Turner)

Duke Ward (Jessie X Jack)

Finn O'Neal (center)

(Jessie X Jack)

Toby Powell(Callie X Turner)

Mouse Lembke

(Punkin X Turner)

Gunner Towns

(Callie X Turner)

This is a page that is devoted to photos of JMS Mini Heelers that have been sent to me by customers.  Send me yours!

JMS Mini Heelers

Elijah Blue Fontenot  (Callie X Turner)

Charley Burkett graduated from obedience school at 4 months old!

(Jessie X Jack)

Hadley Smith & Sophia O'Neal

(Callie X Turner) 

Cruzer & Jock Milstead

(Callie X Turner)