JMS Mini Heelers

Some info about our Mini Heeler puppies.

   Our puppies are raised with love, here on our farm in the hill country of north Louisiana.  The puppies are handled daily from birth until they leave for their new forever homes.   During their time with us, they are exposed to our small grandchildren, horses, cattle and all the sights and sounds of farm life.  (Yes, our dogs want to work cattle.  No, we do not allow them to work cattle.  We handle our cows with feed, not dogs.) 

​   I am no longer taking deposits on unborn puppies.  After a litter is born, I will accept deposits for the number of viable puppies in the litter.  The people with deposits will choose from this litter in a few weeks.  Deposits are taken via PayPal.  Please DO NOT send the entire amount via PayPal!  When you pick up your puppy in person, I prefer cash for the balance due.  This is due to problems with bad checks, even though I know most of you would never give me a bad check.  You know the saying, "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch."  I was very lenient about form of payment, until a couple of those "bad apples" spoiled it for everybody.   

   Most puppies are priced at $1200 for males and $1500 for females, with show quality puppies being higher.  Please don't ask me to negotiate the price.  There may be times when I will decide to reduce the price of a puppy, but on those occasions, you will see the current price with the puppy's pics here.  

   My dogs are registered with American Stock Dog Registry, and your puppy will come with an official registration application that is specifically numbered for each puppy in the litter.  You will be responsible for registering your puppy and paying the registration fees.    

   At 3 days old, I take the puppies to my vet to have dew claws removed.  I am now leaving long tails on most of them, but I may dock a few.  Many of my puppies also have natural bob tails.   I believe it is inhumane to dock a puppy's tail after 3 days; therefore I ask that you do not choose a puppy with a long tail, if you plan to dock it later.

   Each week, I will clip nails and weigh every puppy.  I worm them with Albendazole.  They will receive all veterinarian recommended vaccinations at 5 1/2 & 7 1/2 weeks.  *Regardless of what you might have read on the internet, it is imperative that puppies in Louisiana receive a shot of NeoPar (parvo only) at 5 1/2 - 6 weeks.  This is not negotiable.  If you want a puppy without vaccinations, you will have to go elsewhere.*

   I will start photographing them at 4 weeks.  Please have patience, as I need to wait until I have a granddaughter here to help me with the photo sessions.  I prefer to take their 6 weeks pics outdoors, but this depends on weather.  

   Your puppy's food is extremely important!  I feed my puppies Pro Plan Focus Puppy Lamb & Rice or Chicken & Rice Formula, dry food. can purchase this at Tractor Supply, pet stores, and possibly at a Purina feed store.  I order mine from Amazon.  This is the BEST puppy food I have found.  (It is NOT the same as Purina Puppy Chow, which I do not recommend.)  Even though this food is quite expensive, I strongly recommend keeping your new puppy on it throughout his "puppyhood".  Because it is a high quality food, puppies don't consume as much of this as they do cheap puppy foods like you can buy at WalMart.  They will be eating this food dry, fed free choice, by age 5 to 6 weeks.

   They will be weaned from "Mom" at about 6 weeks old and remain in their indoor/outdoor accommodations (with a doggy door that they learn to use).  They naturally prefer to go potty away from their "room", so they are used to going outside for this before you get them.  After weaning, I often take them out of their pen, one at a time, to play with them away from the other puppies.  (This is a good photo op time, too!) 

   By the time you receive your puppy, he or she will be completely weaned, which usually means you will not have to deal with him or her crying for "Mom" after you take them home.  I prefer to keep all of the puppies until they are 8 weeks old, but if you just have to have your puppy before 8 weeks, I will consider letting you take your baby home a few days earlier.  (But absolutely no shipping until at least 8 weeks.)  On the other hand, please don't ask me to keep your puppy longer than 10 weeks.  I might need that kennel "room" and run for one of my dogs that is in season.

   With your puppy, you will receive a folder containing an individual ASDR registration application, pedigree, health record, and information sheet.  Also included is a "goody bag" containing toys, chew ring, collapsible bowl, blanket, and other items.  

   Due to problems with shipping puppies to the west coast or NW states, I will no long offer shipping at all to those areas.  I may be able to fly puppies to some areas, but this will need to be arranged and paid for by the buyer.  You will accept all responsibility for your puppy's safe arrival.  Some people have chosen to fly into Shreveport, LA and have me deliver the puppy to them there.  You are welcome and encouraged to pick your puppy up here at my place in Louisiana.  That way, you can see the grown dogs in person.